Today’s art gallery is a bit different from the other one’s I’ve seen due to the fact that it was like a huge collaboration.  Artist pairs Josh Benz/Roddy Hernandez, Sery Kwon/Coleton Kargi Palmer, Roddy Hernandez/Krista Tsukashima, Jarand Abad/Peter MaCaulay, Josh Benz/Karen Solis gave us their time of day and explained to us why they decided to choose the styles they did for the paintings.  These wonderful artists can be found on Facebook.

The paintings were done in a multiple of colors that ranged from both suttle to brilliant.  Everything seemed to be a variety and labeling it with one certain style would just not work.  Take for example, Benz and Soli’s work shows a multitude of colors, now why is that?  It is because why Solis was focused on the suttleness in colors of “two people cuddling”, Benz was busy painting random things – apparently he even got scolded by her, her saying “he was using too many unneccessary colors”.  But that is what is so unique about the pieces is that we can actually see the two different styles colliding into one anohter into a unique and successful fusion.


Speaking specifically to Sery, she stated that their inspiration for any of their paintings was that it was meant as a start for new ideas in what they wanted to do in a series of work based on a brand new way of doing things.  These fellow artists all cooperated in the same house – some figure painters, some abstract – the variety of skills was set.  These collaborations made up time of past, present, and future or dealth with a subject of something that was completely different from what abstract artist usually dealth with.  Decisions on a piece depended on which artists talked to who about what they would or wanted to do.  If they had issues with the background or color collaborations they would just be able to talk to the other artists for opinions or constructive criticism.


It amazes how two things that are so different can actually combine into one another and turn out in such a successful piece.  Teamwork and communication definately play a huge role to this success and that is something that we can not only use for art, but every day life as well.  Sure ideas will be shot down, and criticism will come into play – but it can usually be for the better.




My friends had decided to help me with this activity and it definately wasn’t easy.  Thankfully one of our friends live not too far from the beach so most of decided to all bike over and have a bonfire.  With food and company, part of the night with no electricity was a breeze.  We spent that night chatting, eating, and roasting marshmallows – setting up the fire was easy because who needs a lighter when we’ve got matches?  We stayed there til sundown and headed back over to the house and that’s when things got tough.  It was nearly impossible to NOT get onto an electronic device; it was pure torture.  Half of my friend’s did not want to participate in the activity with me so they headed off to another room – lit might I add – and used their devices in there while me and a few other of my friends stayed in the large, dark yet candle-lit living room.  We honestly just ate some more food and continued to talk even more and that passed that time.  Eventually we all got bored without having any electronic device to distract us with and we were already drained from the beach so we all just passed out.  And that is how we got through the night.

My personal opinion on this activity is that because we live in this certain generation of technology it is near to impossible to revert back into times without electricity.  We have experienced too much that we think of these devices as a necessity.  For example, my other friends basically scoffed at the idea of no electricity and just went off to their own little room.  In a sense we were having types of withdrawals during the time of “emptiness.”  But I do admit company helped a lot to pass the time, it was just the lack of activity in the darkness that made it hard to find things to do.


Currently a sophomore at CSULB, Julia Hodgdon is a pre-social work major who is living in the dorms for her second year at this school.  When stressed for school and work, Julia enjoys taking a nice swim to relax – especially during midterms.  She comes from the small town of Monrovia where she attended Monrovia High School somewhere by Pasadena.  Her hobbies include going to concerts, listening to music, adventuring out into the wilderness, hiking, and trying new things.  For example, she loves discovering new good music – it’s something the gets her through the day.  She currently works at a convenience store on campus, right next to the bookstore.  The reason she took this class is because it seemed really fun and she wanted to learn how to better her art skills.  It was really nice meeting her!

Her WordPress is : juliahodgdon.wordpress.com




This is Kim Pham, a sophmore at CSULB.  She is currently undeclared but will soon be going into Health Science.  Her hobbies include reading romance and mystery books.  Kim also loves shopping – especially for makeup which she says she has a major problem buying because she loves make up – but she can’t really stand up straight for a long period of time because she has a slight scoliosis problem.  Her car is a Hyundai Elantra 2015, which she enjoys to drive a lot.  When she was in high school she was a secretary of a club called girls league at Westminster High School.  To her, art is anything that a person perceives as it is.  It can be anything – food, clothing, etc.  Art shows creativity and imagination and is also an amazing stress reliever.  With it you can take a nice break and relax, calm down, and put all your feelings into your type of work like in drawing or painting.



This painting up above is the first thing that caught my eye.  Class hadn’t even begun yet but I spotted it through the open doors and automatically got captivated by the colors and the Halloween like appeal.  The work was created by artist David De Mendoza whose artist gallery was held in the Max L. Gatov Gallery West.  Inspired by horror movies and HP Lovecraft, Mendoza focuses on these ideas that make you want to explore the realm of fears.

Everything was painted on canvas with a multitude of colors that really did stand out.  The background of the pieces would often be dark but then the “main work” would be significantly brighter and you would be able to see how much of a contrasts there really is between the multitude of colors.  There is another thing about the colors that make the viewer feel eerie.  The art itself is already scary but with those perfect colors to match it adds for extra effect due to it enchancing certain parts like the monster behind the mountain of baby heads of what’s below the hourglass of the sandman.


The whole idea of this gallery is to represent “fear and its different approaches.”  For example the picture above on the right side called “Sandman” – it is a depiction of what one would see in a horrible nightmare.  Another example would be the babies which he names “Cupid”.  It’s meaning of fear is how one would look at intimacy. The ideas of these paintings don’t come from anything particular as he said “the ideas just pop up.”  But Mendoza likes to thank his past time of growing up with horror movies.  Because of that he is hardly afraid of anything – and so he decides to paint the things that we ourselves find scary.


With the artist’s interpretation of fear I am able to look at his and compare my own fears along with them.  It makes me think: what am I afraid of?  My mind would not be able to twist things like he did on those certain representations.  For “Cupid” I thought it was meant as fear of having children, not intimacy.  I can relate to all these fears though and it’s scary that you can really take just about anything and relate them to a specific type of fear.  It really is terrifying.

You can find him on Facebook!


The spray painting was a lot of fun but visually it looked so much better in my head.12026669_1094869613879690_1233822404_n

I first began to draw simple bubble letters of my name with a brush pen and the result can be seen up above.

I had really wanted to head over to Venice Beach but due to ride circumstances I was not able to go and had to settle with an opened up cardboard box in my parents backyard.

At first it started out well and up close I thought it was looking pretty good.  Turns out I was too close when I came to spraying so the letters turned out dark and super wet and the end result can be shown below.


I thought to myself that it would turn out just fine after I sprayed the second part of the artwork.  Turns out I wasn’t quite wrong, it was turning out really well in fact.  That is until I did the same mistake as last time and sprayed too much and too close.


The final result?  A unique piece of work.

I tried to mimic the videos as close as possible but it’s actually harder than it looks.  In all honesty it was the smell of paint that got to me I had to stop every once in awhile to take a breather.

Graffiti artists leave their mark all around us and I applaud them for being such talented artists because it is seriously harder than it looks..

Wk3 – Classmate Conversations – Alicia Jones


This is Alicia Jones, she is currently a sophomore majoring in film at our school.  School wise she graduated from Gahr High School and had wanted to attend the University of Hawaii.  The problem was it was too expensive so she fell onto her next choice at CSULB.  Cheer has been her life and up until now she is still cheering outside of school.  Because she is a cheerleader people tend to give her the stereotypical tag of being “out going” and “energetic” but in reality she is pretty shy.  Her other hobbies are eating food and going to Disneyland with friends. Alicia sees art as a place for self-expression. People can show strong emotions through the colors or their work.  For example, anger.  With anger you aren’t going to use hues of calming blues or purple or things like that. She described the use of colors of red, orange, black, something like the representation of fire. Or if you were happy bright colors would be used. Emotions could be easily illustrated through art.

Wk3 – Artist Conversation – Nick Bamford


As I was passing on from gallery to gallery, I tried to avoid the huge group of people crowded around a certain area.  I told myself, “Oh there’s too many people.  I should probably avoid that.”  Good thing I did not.  Today I headed off into the Max L. Gatov Gallery East to view Nick Banford’s work (https://instagram.com/nickbamf4d/).  A senior at CSULB, art has always been his desire major.  Out of all the galleries I visited that day, his was my favorite.  I was enchanted by the size, the color, and the uniqueness of each pieces “character-like” appeal.  In all honesty, they looked like artwork that would come to life in the middle of some horror game I’ve played.

They were works without a name.  Bamford had not felt the need to name his pieces, but if he were asked to name a piece he would simply refer to them with an obvious title such as Guitar Guy, Jumping Figure, and so on.  Most of his artwork were made with random art pieces he would find while dumpster diving.  With those new items he would use cement, stabilized clay, and plaster to mold and hold the objects together.  The materials created both a mix of smooth and mainly rugged texture that helped add to the abstractness of the pieces.  These things were huge, on top of that the dull grey color given made them look somewhat terrifying.

When asked what his work was about he stated that “Each individual was created for the purpose or gestures that are open to interpretation” and that is one of the reasons why some things were left uncovered.  For me the holes in the giant hand and one of the other figures almost made it look like it was incomplete or deteriorating like a corpse.  He is a man inspired by the challenge of creating things with new material.  There was no model – just ideas as he was focusing on gestural approach.  That is the idea that he focused on: What new material can I use now to show these few gestures that would be open to multiple interpretations.  At one point I noticed a few wires in the back of the head of one of the pieces.  I honestly thought they all had that and would light up or do something amazing.  When I asked him though he said they were just there for interpretation; I got really excited for the moment!

My feelings as I stepped through that door had me in complete awe.  I was grinning from cheek to cheek because I was amazed.  As I said earlier the first thought that came into my head was the whole idea of the pieces coming to life – like in a certain horror game I’ve played.  The pieces had also reminded me of certain characters from a show I had used to watch.  In my mind I interpreted these things as not only huge, but terrifying to the core.  Each had a different facial expression but none of them seemed exactly happy.  Their expressions were either passive or fell to down right depressing and they seemed like they had their own story of life and death to tell (I say this because if they are not reaching up for the sky, then they are looking down at the ground).  It gave me a sense of incompleteness – that the art itself felt they were incomplete so that is why they were sad.  Nonetheless this was my own personal interpretation and I was still extremely impressed by the creativity placed into each of the individuals.

Wk3 – Activity – Social Photography

This day actually scared me because I had no idea what I would be able to post today with my life being not too interesting. But I did find interesting, simple things to post – and I also found small connections with other’s post as well.

My Instagram!

It was interesting to see what other classmates were doing through out the day.   Food, scenery, selfies – all things we could relate too were being posted from morning to dawn.

Just like myself, others were beginning their weekend that day with things that I would usually do: whether it be going to the beach, eating out with friends, or having an exciting day at Disneyland.

Though the most common thing that seemed to pop up on the hashtag were the reoccurring “Pups and Art”

This is Cooper, little pup of Sigma Chi<3


I don’t know what it is about puppies and Instagram but a majority of the #art110f15 was filled with them and I couldn’t help but to add to the cuteness of it all.

Through the art pictures it was cool to see that a majority of us liked the same exhibition by Nick Bamford (judging off the number of posts).

All in all, most of us seemed to do the same ritual of a normal Thursday day 🙂 We wake up, go to school, eat, then relax either at home or with friends. Black and white was clearly the favorite filter for the day.