Wk 2 – Activity – Sculpture

Today’s activity involved a lot of work. Once my friend Ky and I got to the beach we decided to set up right away. In all honesty I tried digging the hole but he had stopped me because I was taking too long so he had decided to do it for me instead.

Once the hole was finally dug it was then time to put my hand in, and since I was to stay in place Ky went off to get the watery sand and then proceeded to burry my hand.Not going to lie but I had a hard time trying to pull my hand out! I wasn’t thinking so instead of putting my hand in at an angle I stuck my hand straight down and sort of struggled pulling it out.

Finally we moved onto the plaster and had a hard time figuring out how much the 2:1 water to plaster measurement would be. I had decided to just use all the mix with our somewhat filled bucket of water. Now we stir!


And then pour slowly… ..until it’s filled to the top!  Now the waiting game.25 minutes of beach fun later…


We oh so carefully remove the hand, breaking a piece of it in the process. But we did it!   


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