Wk3 – Activity – Social Photography

This day actually scared me because I had no idea what I would be able to post today with my life being not too interesting. But I did find interesting, simple things to post – and I also found small connections with other’s post as well.

My Instagram!

It was interesting to see what other classmates were doing through out the day.   Food, scenery, selfies – all things we could relate too were being posted from morning to dawn.

Just like myself, others were beginning their weekend that day with things that I would usually do: whether it be going to the beach, eating out with friends, or having an exciting day at Disneyland.

Though the most common thing that seemed to pop up on the hashtag were the reoccurring “Pups and Art”

This is Cooper, little pup of Sigma Chi<3


I don’t know what it is about puppies and Instagram but a majority of the #art110f15 was filled with them and I couldn’t help but to add to the cuteness of it all.

Through the art pictures it was cool to see that a majority of us liked the same exhibition by Nick Bamford (judging off the number of posts).

All in all, most of us seemed to do the same ritual of a normal Thursday day 🙂 We wake up, go to school, eat, then relax either at home or with friends. Black and white was clearly the favorite filter for the day.



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