Wk3 – Classmate Conversations – Alicia Jones


This is Alicia Jones, she is currently a sophomore majoring in film at our school.  School wise she graduated from Gahr High School and had wanted to attend the University of Hawaii.  The problem was it was too expensive so she fell onto her next choice at CSULB.  Cheer has been her life and up until now she is still cheering outside of school.  Because she is a cheerleader people tend to give her the stereotypical tag of being “out going” and “energetic” but in reality she is pretty shy.  Her other hobbies are eating food and going to Disneyland with friends. Alicia sees art as a place for self-expression. People can show strong emotions through the colors or their work.  For example, anger.  With anger you aren’t going to use hues of calming blues or purple or things like that. She described the use of colors of red, orange, black, something like the representation of fire. Or if you were happy bright colors would be used. Emotions could be easily illustrated through art.


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