The spray painting was a lot of fun but visually it looked so much better in my head.12026669_1094869613879690_1233822404_n

I first began to draw simple bubble letters of my name with a brush pen and the result can be seen up above.

I had really wanted to head over to Venice Beach but due to ride circumstances I was not able to go and had to settle with an opened up cardboard box in my parents backyard.

At first it started out well and up close I thought it was looking pretty good.  Turns out I was too close when I came to spraying so the letters turned out dark and super wet and the end result can be shown below.


I thought to myself that it would turn out just fine after I sprayed the second part of the artwork.  Turns out I wasn’t quite wrong, it was turning out really well in fact.  That is until I did the same mistake as last time and sprayed too much and too close.


The final result?  A unique piece of work.

I tried to mimic the videos as close as possible but it’s actually harder than it looks.  In all honesty it was the smell of paint that got to me I had to stop every once in awhile to take a breather.

Graffiti artists leave their mark all around us and I applaud them for being such talented artists because it is seriously harder than it looks..


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