This painting up above is the first thing that caught my eye.  Class hadn’t even begun yet but I spotted it through the open doors and automatically got captivated by the colors and the Halloween like appeal.  The work was created by artist David De Mendoza whose artist gallery was held in the Max L. Gatov Gallery West.  Inspired by horror movies and HP Lovecraft, Mendoza focuses on these ideas that make you want to explore the realm of fears.

Everything was painted on canvas with a multitude of colors that really did stand out.  The background of the pieces would often be dark but then the “main work” would be significantly brighter and you would be able to see how much of a contrasts there really is between the multitude of colors.  There is another thing about the colors that make the viewer feel eerie.  The art itself is already scary but with those perfect colors to match it adds for extra effect due to it enchancing certain parts like the monster behind the mountain of baby heads of what’s below the hourglass of the sandman.


The whole idea of this gallery is to represent “fear and its different approaches.”  For example the picture above on the right side called “Sandman” – it is a depiction of what one would see in a horrible nightmare.  Another example would be the babies which he names “Cupid”.  It’s meaning of fear is how one would look at intimacy. The ideas of these paintings don’t come from anything particular as he said “the ideas just pop up.”  But Mendoza likes to thank his past time of growing up with horror movies.  Because of that he is hardly afraid of anything – and so he decides to paint the things that we ourselves find scary.


With the artist’s interpretation of fear I am able to look at his and compare my own fears along with them.  It makes me think: what am I afraid of?  My mind would not be able to twist things like he did on those certain representations.  For “Cupid” I thought it was meant as fear of having children, not intimacy.  I can relate to all these fears though and it’s scary that you can really take just about anything and relate them to a specific type of fear.  It really is terrifying.

You can find him on Facebook!


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