This is Kim Pham, a sophmore at CSULB.  She is currently undeclared but will soon be going into Health Science.  Her hobbies include reading romance and mystery books.  Kim also loves shopping – especially for makeup which she says she has a major problem buying because she loves make up – but she can’t really stand up straight for a long period of time because she has a slight scoliosis problem.  Her car is a Hyundai Elantra 2015, which she enjoys to drive a lot.  When she was in high school she was a secretary of a club called girls league at Westminster High School.  To her, art is anything that a person perceives as it is.  It can be anything – food, clothing, etc.  Art shows creativity and imagination and is also an amazing stress reliever.  With it you can take a nice break and relax, calm down, and put all your feelings into your type of work like in drawing or painting.



  1. Hi Ericka, all your (recent) pictures are coming up bad. Do you know what the problem is? Can you fix them? Message me when they’re fixed (or if you need help fixing them) and I’ll give you full points for everything.


    1. Sorry about that I’ll try to fix it right away! On my computer it’s showing up just fine but when I check my phone I don’t see anything at all I’m going to try to re-upload them!


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