My friends had decided to help me with this activity and it definately wasn’t easy.  Thankfully one of our friends live not too far from the beach so most of decided to all bike over and have a bonfire.  With food and company, part of the night with no electricity was a breeze.  We spent that night chatting, eating, and roasting marshmallows – setting up the fire was easy because who needs a lighter when we’ve got matches?  We stayed there til sundown and headed back over to the house and that’s when things got tough.  It was nearly impossible to NOT get onto an electronic device; it was pure torture.  Half of my friend’s did not want to participate in the activity with me so they headed off to another room – lit might I add – and used their devices in there while me and a few other of my friends stayed in the large, dark yet candle-lit living room.  We honestly just ate some more food and continued to talk even more and that passed that time.  Eventually we all got bored without having any electronic device to distract us with and we were already drained from the beach so we all just passed out.  And that is how we got through the night.

My personal opinion on this activity is that because we live in this certain generation of technology it is near to impossible to revert back into times without electricity.  We have experienced too much that we think of these devices as a necessity.  For example, my other friends basically scoffed at the idea of no electricity and just went off to their own little room.  In a sense we were having types of withdrawals during the time of “emptiness.”  But I do admit company helped a lot to pass the time, it was just the lack of activity in the darkness that made it hard to find things to do.


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