Today’s art gallery is a bit different from the other one’s I’ve seen due to the fact that it was like a huge collaboration.  Artist pairs Josh Benz/Roddy Hernandez, Sery Kwon/Coleton Kargi Palmer, Roddy Hernandez/Krista Tsukashima, Jarand Abad/Peter MaCaulay, Josh Benz/Karen Solis gave us their time of day and explained to us why they decided to choose the styles they did for the paintings.  These wonderful artists can be found on Facebook.

The paintings were done in a multiple of colors that ranged from both suttle to brilliant.  Everything seemed to be a variety and labeling it with one certain style would just not work.  Take for example, Benz and Soli’s work shows a multitude of colors, now why is that?  It is because why Solis was focused on the suttleness in colors of “two people cuddling”, Benz was busy painting random things – apparently he even got scolded by her, her saying “he was using too many unneccessary colors”.  But that is what is so unique about the pieces is that we can actually see the two different styles colliding into one anohter into a unique and successful fusion.


Speaking specifically to Sery, she stated that their inspiration for any of their paintings was that it was meant as a start for new ideas in what they wanted to do in a series of work based on a brand new way of doing things.  These fellow artists all cooperated in the same house – some figure painters, some abstract – the variety of skills was set.  These collaborations made up time of past, present, and future or dealth with a subject of something that was completely different from what abstract artist usually dealth with.  Decisions on a piece depended on which artists talked to who about what they would or wanted to do.  If they had issues with the background or color collaborations they would just be able to talk to the other artists for opinions or constructive criticism.


It amazes how two things that are so different can actually combine into one another and turn out in such a successful piece.  Teamwork and communication definately play a huge role to this success and that is something that we can not only use for art, but every day life as well.  Sure ideas will be shot down, and criticism will come into play – but it can usually be for the better.


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