This week I interviewed artist Thomas Cressman on his exhibit at Gatov Gallery East called Living Forms.  It is his fifth year hear at CSULB and he is currently majoring in metal work.  He was inspired by classes he took his sophomore year in highschol wit a teacher that inspired him to work on metals and his favorite artist is Alexander Calder.  Cressman loves working with metal, brass, steel, and copper and a theme that seems to come from this exhibit is aquatic.  The Octopus is his favorite marine animal due to its fascinating and intelligent use of tools and camouflage.
0It took Cressman three years to make the entire show and one piece could range from a week to a month of focused work and dedication.  Is is a long process and everything in there except a few things start out as flat pieces of large metal.  From there he takes inspiration from either photos or drawings and develop images in his mind on how he wants to form it.  He first practices on paper and then cuts on metal.  Following after is the process of kneading the metal to make it into a more malleable substance so it’s easier to hammer and shape.  He would then raise it up to a vessel type form to make a shape then add little details, shape, and texture with in and out.

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His interests in aquatic life made him create his own abstract interpretations.  His favorite piece would have to be the one in the center because it was a “nice surprise” and he happened to discover the type of coloration. Due to it being the biggest scale he’s ever worked with, he had that type of satisfaction.  His work is mostly based on illusion but they are some fungi mushrooms that really inspired him while he was young by some scientific aspect of what’s there and how they adapt to survive.  He expresses the “whole new world down there then and how we live up here now.”


I really loved his armor piece because it was something I could see in some type of aquatic war as silly as that sounds.  I could really feel the aquatic vibe that he was trying to give and it’s amazing that he took something so “earthy” and just changed it into something completely different.  He is a truly amazing and dedicated artist and super easy to talk with. I really loved his work!

You can find him on his IG: @thom_cress6




Rachel Garcia is a third year at CSULB and is currently majoring in Hospitality in hopes of one day managing an amusement park.  She currently works at Knott’s Berry Farm and will currently be spending her Halloween weekend working at Halloween Haunt.  She has one younger sister and had once attended Garr High School.  Living not too far from the school, Rachel commutes from her house in Artesia – cruising down the road in her Honda CRV 2000.  Her hobbies include buying tons of makeup (preferably Anastasia Beverly Hills). She owns two dogs, a cat, and a rabbit.  If she could travel anywhere in the world, well, it would be everywhere because she just wants to see everything.  She really loves this class because it is fun and different!


Due to the fact that I was gone last week on my trip to the Phillipines, this is my make-up artist conversation!

01So last week I interviewed Rhiannon Aarons’ work Ex Libris at the Gatov-East Gallery.  She once attending Otis College of Art and Design and is now currently a MFA as a sophomore.  Aarons’ has 17 years of art experience, and aside from being a student she also teaches a portfolio class and students with disabilities on how to paint.


Her art work consisted of drawings of skeletons that mainly focused on the simple colors of black and white, sometimes brown.  Placing mythology with human biology, you are able to see something that was once a Medusa like creature with wings.  And the other drawing almost looked like bones of the three headed dog Cerberus.  The gallery itself took a year to finish.


Aarons’ was heavily inspired from pagan rituals as well as the Bible.  For example, the Serpents represented the snake that entered the Garden of Eden.  The way she portrayed it with a skeletal structure was due to the fact that she also studied some anatomical books as well which she incorporated in her work.  Her main idea of her work is the “dark and obscure” perceptions in life.

When I think of a “dark and obscure” perception, this exhibit definitely hits the mark.  As a Christian it kind of makes me uncomfortable staring at these pieces – granted they are amazingly created and all.  Although I am not too fond of the Serpent itself, I do love the mythological aspect of Hecate incorporated into the art because I love Greek myths.

You can find her on her site: http://rhiannonaarons.com/


This is also my make up classroom conversation!

 Angel is currently a sophomore at CSULB just like me! He lives in Carson and commutes everyday with his Toyota Corola – this takes about fifteen minutes. He enjoys playing soccer and video games on his Xbox. And just like everyone else he loves hanging out with his friends. I’m high school he attended Rancho Dominguez High School. Angel’s first choice in school actually wasn’t CSULB but UCSB, but the school is too expensive. Currently he is majoring in business management and is unemployed because he is focusing on schools o. He has a little brother and little sisters. When it comes to music he enjoys rap and Latino music and hates country. Really cool guy!


For this week’s activity I had decided to use Snapchat and Instagram for my storytelling. My partner is Alicia Jones!

Depression was the first thing that hit him after the following break up between her and her wife Lilian Vega. The two had had a happy life together with their kids and beautiful home in Malibu, California. That all fell apart as Lilian continued to have long and gone days at work and then suddenly, a slap to the face. She had cheated on her with Liam Hemsworth. Thank God she could get away from them if only for a week. It was her friend’s wedding – So Ashley Price packed up her bags and left – her destination: the Phillipines.


How depressing… we’re practically her thoughts on this whole trip. The stop over for the Phillipines landed her five good hours in Taiwan and the wait was agonizing, on top of that the weather was as gloomy and humid as it could get. She stood and walked towards her plane, eyes glancing at the bright flowers that she passed.


Finally reaching her destination, it was time to get ready. She was groggy, tired, annoyed at the long and uncomfortable flight. It was troublesome as she walked around, bumping into a handsome stranger on the way. He smiled and assured her with her bags, too bad she looked like crap. Her heart was beating fast though and it was a shame they had to part ways.


It was a beautiful wedding but she was indeed jealous and bitter. I want love like that… she sighed. Not realizing the presence who had decided to come sit with her in the near back. “It’s a happy day, why the long face?” The same gentleman from the airport! She couldn’t help to get flustered as she tried to find a response. He just smiled at her and continued to talk as they made chit chat. And together they went to the dinner hand in hand. (That escalated quickly.)

In the end the two found they were perfect for each other and went on a date and eventually married and lived in the Philippines with this dog:



“Gluten is the protein found in wheat I have always loved

who unfortunately doesn’t love me back.”

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Shannon Leith is a 28 year old artist who moved from Canada to Long Beach who has a major food allergy when it comes to gluten.  She discovered art when she was a senior in high school.  Here she took a trip to Africa and discovered the world through photography.  Her idea and inspiration for this was the study of what we can’t eat and how it feels going through that sort of grieving and healing process.  It is a big loss and she heals by using both a serious way and humor.  Up until this day she can’t eat corn, rice, caffeine, sugar, tomatoes, eggs, dairy, etc. – not being able to eat glutton which is most available and is a bummer.

The materials used were printed photographs, slideshows, soundscape and the blanket.  Or as she has it written down, “gluten free photograph, gluten free slideshow, gluten free sounds, and gluten free blanket.”  The first few days of opening up the gallery, gluten free cakes were out for people to eat during the opening on Sunday nights.  The soundscape is able to be processed as you sit in the chair with the sound on top of your head.

This whole room was made for her as a comfort space.  It’s a place for nostalgia and reminiscing about the good times of things you have lost.  She says it’s like after a break up, you have stuff that reminds you of that person.  You would tend to go through old voice mails and pictures and things like that because the memories give you the sense of nostalgia.  And with those old pictures in mind, you keep those on hand because you can’t have the real thing.  It’s a sense of loss and remembrance.

The whole idea of losing something and remembrance of better days is something that almost everyone can understand.  It is depressing because you can’t completely cut something out of your life, you have to move on and replace it.  We sit there in life craving for what we once had and sometimes it just kills you both physically and emotionally.  Therefore we make our own little world and use that as a comfort space where we only see the good times and not the bad that came after.

You can find her work on : http://www.shannonleith.com



Today I interviewed Elizabeth Ochoa, a third year here at CSULB.  Her hobbies are shopping and sleeping which are two things I can easily relate too.  She is from Bellflower and had previously went to Bellflower Highschool where she used to play volleyball on the team.  As the fourth child of the family, she has both two older sisters and one older brother.  Elizabeth had used to live on campus at the dorms her first year but now she currently resides in the Long Beach apartments with her roommate that she had lived in the dorms with previously.  Her major here at Cal State is civil engineering.  She currently works ata grocery store named BigSaver.  You can find more about her at: https://eo257399.wordpress.com/



For this week’s activity we played around with the Somebody app.  A majority of the time spent on this app was during the Thursday class and honestly this app would have worked so much better if it had a specific location and route for the person we were trying to get the message too.

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It was really confusing at first trying to send a message.  I didn’t really understand how it worked until I kept exploring the app and learned its ways.  I decided to leave a few floaters out for anyone who wanted to transfer a fun message to another random but under notifications my messages did not make it through to the other persons.  Granted I did the same and could not find the other people either.  What I was hoping for was that someone would successfully transfer over my messages to my friend Alicia during class.  And surprise!

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Natalia had managed to find Alicia and sing for her. I was surprised someone actually managed to find us with the huge crowd of Art students in the halls.  And that was honestly the only social interaction we had with someone through the Somebody app.  I for one do not like this app because it is complicated and somewhat of a hassle finding other people with just one picture and with only the distance as a hint to where they are.  On top of that you can’t really chat with the person trying to deliver the message through the app either.  I like the idea of this app but if I were to recreate it I would definitely allow locations to help the messenger find me through some type of GPS system.  On top of that I would actually like to have a own chat box between the messenger and the person wanting to send out the message so they would be able to figure out where the person they want to deliver the message to is.  They should also allow more pictures of people because sometimes one picture isn’t enough to know what they look like.  I don’t really find this efficient like Snapchat, Periscope, and Instagram because I don’t really think the huge social aspect was attainable here.



This week’s activity involved my favorite app: Snapchat!!!  The Snap experience is always fun because all of my friends are on SC and we use the app everyday at a constant pace. MyStories – to me – are only a pain if they are super duper long and there’s nothing good to post.  But here’s the good thing about Snapchat.  Even if you’re having a normal boring day and decide to take a snap of it, you could always liven things up by drawing all over people and things to make everything silly.


Food is talks to me, that’s why I had to take this screenshot of @nickthebrick42’s snap story of what seems to be sobs. Even though it is currently over 100 degrees right now, it still looks delicious. On top of that the little angel on the side is adorably drawn. The volcano below I just found amusing.  It’s simple to the point and for some reason I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw this on  Stephanie Chang’s Story.


A fun activity we could use with SnapChat could probably be a giant game of drawing tag(?). I’m really not good at coming up with ideas but maybe a person could send a snap with the name of something they have to draw and tag the next person they have to send it to. They would have to send the artists as a reply back to the tagger and to the next person they are supposed to tag with the drawing or something like that.

Out of Instagram, Periscope, and Snapchat, I found Periscope the most entertaining and in a sense it was easier to connect with others there.  With Instagram anyone can just like a picture without even “looking” at the post and they usually tend not to comment.  With snapchat you don’t have the choice to comment or see other’s comments off of MyStory, you can only reply.  But with Periscope things can be more interactive with everyone watching the stream.  On top of that you’re not really restricted to time limits such as Snapchat and IG videos.