Periscoping was a lot of fun, but actually doing a live stream of something “fun” was hard because I don’t have 4G therefo
re can only run off of wifi.  And not everywhere I went had wi-fi, and when there was wi-fi sometimes the connection was so weak that it turned out like this:

Other than that Periscoping life was awesome! Ignoring the fact that I got called gorgeous while my boyfriend was right next to me being filmed it was really cool being live and all.  I even got to interview my friendswhen I ran out of things to do or say. And if I couldn’t find someone up for it I just recorded random events such as studying in the library or watching Battle Royale with a foot in front of the screen.

And surprisingly more people used it more often than I thought. I found out one of my friend’s is actually “Periscope Famous” or whatever it’s called.  But a great majority of the students at a certain CSULB event all whipped out their phones and started to film the current festivities.

Aside from that, I found three out of the six Periscopes that really caught my interests over the weekend.  One was my friend Alicia Jones who Periscoped a majority of her time at cheer practice teaching girl’s how to – well – cheer.  The second was another fellow student named Natalia Chang who stayed consistant with her Periscope – my favorite was your makeup tutorial by the way that was very fun to watch and make up was on point.  And lastly in my top three would have had to be Brendon Urie from Panic at the Disco! He was just so adorably funny and dorky and I was so excited to be able to post a stupid comment in the limited chat space. I would watch him play video games anyday everyday<3

3 2  1

This activity would have honestly been so much more fun if I had 4G to consistently film the fun events that went on over the weekend. Regardless, thank you ART 110 for showing me the ways of Periscope!


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