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This week I spoke with Alice Andreini who’s interests in painting peaked only awhile back.  She stated that it was only five years ago when she got into painting due to her friends and colleagues all wanting to do it.  They as a group encouraged eachother to practice and had later gotten even more and more serious about it.  Her first piece took her months to finish but the other two were much faster pieces.  Andreini can be found via facebook.

Oil paint painted on canvas – Andreini uses a guash, water based medium which is defined as “a method of painting using opaque pigments ground in water and thickened with a gluelike substance.” The work has a feeling of oil but it dries much quicker. It is a contemporary piece that relates to a specific garden the artist had come into encounter with.  Each area shows a specific “space” that shows almost a sort of battlefield.  The third piece catches my eye because it seems like exploisions are going off in the distance due to the red orange yellow hues.

Her inspiration revolves around the “concept of space” that is tied with in the garden.  Her original inspiration was her connection with her mother who lives in Minnesota who is an advent gardener.  One day her mother had gotten sick and she got inspired this to be a good subject.  The army figurines also come from this inspiration because when her mother used to dig deep in the garden she’d excavate old army men and Andreini figured she could use the men to add a different dynamic to piece because gardens are really privileged spaces.  The army could either be read as a need for protection for the garden or a destructive element.

When I first stepped into the gallery and analyzed these three paintings, I honestly asked myself “why are these toy solderi’s fighting eachother?”  I did not read these soldiers as a need of protection for the garden but instead the destructive element that Andreini had mentioned earlier.  To me it is a destructive space – which is ironic because gardens are usually thought about as a space for peace and quiet.


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