This week’s activity involved my favorite app: Snapchat!!!  The Snap experience is always fun because all of my friends are on SC and we use the app everyday at a constant pace. MyStories – to me – are only a pain if they are super duper long and there’s nothing good to post.  But here’s the good thing about Snapchat.  Even if you’re having a normal boring day and decide to take a snap of it, you could always liven things up by drawing all over people and things to make everything silly.


Food is talks to me, that’s why I had to take this screenshot of @nickthebrick42’s snap story of what seems to be sobs. Even though it is currently over 100 degrees right now, it still looks delicious. On top of that the little angel on the side is adorably drawn. The volcano below I just found amusing.  It’s simple to the point and for some reason I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw this on  Stephanie Chang’s Story.


A fun activity we could use with SnapChat could probably be a giant game of drawing tag(?). I’m really not good at coming up with ideas but maybe a person could send a snap with the name of something they have to draw and tag the next person they have to send it to. They would have to send the artists as a reply back to the tagger and to the next person they are supposed to tag with the drawing or something like that.

Out of Instagram, Periscope, and Snapchat, I found Periscope the most entertaining and in a sense it was easier to connect with others there.  With Instagram anyone can just like a picture without even “looking” at the post and they usually tend not to comment.  With snapchat you don’t have the choice to comment or see other’s comments off of MyStory, you can only reply.  But with Periscope things can be more interactive with everyone watching the stream.  On top of that you’re not really restricted to time limits such as Snapchat and IG videos.


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