For this week’s activity we played around with the Somebody app.  A majority of the time spent on this app was during the Thursday class and honestly this app would have worked so much better if it had a specific location and route for the person we were trying to get the message too.

12167438_1108084825891502_576792939_n 12170323_1108084742558177_4827516_n 12166584_1108084805891504_1217092469_n

It was really confusing at first trying to send a message.  I didn’t really understand how it worked until I kept exploring the app and learned its ways.  I decided to leave a few floaters out for anyone who wanted to transfer a fun message to another random but under notifications my messages did not make it through to the other persons.  Granted I did the same and could not find the other people either.  What I was hoping for was that someone would successfully transfer over my messages to my friend Alicia during class.  And surprise!

12083762_1108084749224843_930501826_n 12166544_1108084782558173_704904460_n 12165730_1108084799224838_1565007713_n

Natalia had managed to find Alicia and sing for her. I was surprised someone actually managed to find us with the huge crowd of Art students in the halls.  And that was honestly the only social interaction we had with someone through the Somebody app.  I for one do not like this app because it is complicated and somewhat of a hassle finding other people with just one picture and with only the distance as a hint to where they are.  On top of that you can’t really chat with the person trying to deliver the message through the app either.  I like the idea of this app but if I were to recreate it I would definitely allow locations to help the messenger find me through some type of GPS system.  On top of that I would actually like to have a own chat box between the messenger and the person wanting to send out the message so they would be able to figure out where the person they want to deliver the message to is.  They should also allow more pictures of people because sometimes one picture isn’t enough to know what they look like.  I don’t really find this efficient like Snapchat, Periscope, and Instagram because I don’t really think the huge social aspect was attainable here.


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