For this week’s activity I had decided to use Snapchat and Instagram for my storytelling. My partner is Alicia Jones!

Depression was the first thing that hit him after the following break up between her and her wife Lilian Vega. The two had had a happy life together with their kids and beautiful home in Malibu, California. That all fell apart as Lilian continued to have long and gone days at work and then suddenly, a slap to the face. She had cheated on her with Liam Hemsworth. Thank God she could get away from them if only for a week. It was her friend’s wedding – So Ashley Price packed up her bags and left – her destination: the Phillipines.


How depressing… we’re practically her thoughts on this whole trip. The stop over for the Phillipines landed her five good hours in Taiwan and the wait was agonizing, on top of that the weather was as gloomy and humid as it could get. She stood and walked towards her plane, eyes glancing at the bright flowers that she passed.


Finally reaching her destination, it was time to get ready. She was groggy, tired, annoyed at the long and uncomfortable flight. It was troublesome as she walked around, bumping into a handsome stranger on the way. He smiled and assured her with her bags, too bad she looked like crap. Her heart was beating fast though and it was a shame they had to part ways.


It was a beautiful wedding but she was indeed jealous and bitter. I want love like that… she sighed. Not realizing the presence who had decided to come sit with her in the near back. “It’s a happy day, why the long face?” The same gentleman from the airport! She couldn’t help to get flustered as she tried to find a response. He just smiled at her and continued to talk as they made chit chat. And together they went to the dinner hand in hand. (That escalated quickly.)

In the end the two found they were perfect for each other and went on a date and eventually married and lived in the Philippines with this dog:



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