Due to the fact that I was gone last week on my trip to the Phillipines, this is my make-up artist conversation!

01So last week I interviewed Rhiannon Aarons’ work Ex Libris at the Gatov-East Gallery.  She once attending Otis College of Art and Design and is now currently a MFA as a sophomore.  Aarons’ has 17 years of art experience, and aside from being a student she also teaches a portfolio class and students with disabilities on how to paint.


Her art work consisted of drawings of skeletons that mainly focused on the simple colors of black and white, sometimes brown.  Placing mythology with human biology, you are able to see something that was once a Medusa like creature with wings.  And the other drawing almost looked like bones of the three headed dog Cerberus.  The gallery itself took a year to finish.


Aarons’ was heavily inspired from pagan rituals as well as the Bible.  For example, the Serpents represented the snake that entered the Garden of Eden.  The way she portrayed it with a skeletal structure was due to the fact that she also studied some anatomical books as well which she incorporated in her work.  Her main idea of her work is the “dark and obscure” perceptions in life.

When I think of a “dark and obscure” perception, this exhibit definitely hits the mark.  As a Christian it kind of makes me uncomfortable staring at these pieces – granted they are amazingly created and all.  Although I am not too fond of the Serpent itself, I do love the mythological aspect of Hecate incorporated into the art because I love Greek myths.

You can find her on her site: http://rhiannonaarons.com/


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