This week I interviewed animator/illustrator Tyler Turett.  He started at a community college then transferred to CSULB three years ago.  Now he is currently in his last semester as a student majoring in film and his main focus is the animation route.  As a kid love old Nickelodeon cartoons but his favorite cartoon right now is Rick and Mortey.

It is a film medium – but an art major.  The process of creating his work starts with paper or “Disney style” where hundreds sheet of paper are drawn out.  He start with these rough drawings, character designs, mess around with different shapes and sizes, then cleans them up.  What’s cool is only he draws a character once then just creates different facial expression to get what he wants to animate; cleaning, after affects, create skeletal and joints to “move around” in animation.  It goes frame by frame and they are basically like puppets.

To him it is fun because he is creating his own stories, while not necessarily animating it but he works – edit scenes, put sounds in, etc.  His work is inspired by Disney movies (seeing those as a kid – it’s amazing); the hype of that style and cool to aim at that “even though [his work] is not to close. [to the Disney style]”.  His animations are also inspired by films he like, films he thinks are fun, and new animation that comes out.  It’s hard to decide with animation or illustration, but he says he would choose animation because you could pick sound and make them move and even mess around with their personalities.

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I went into another room and was lucky enough to land on his animations showing on screen.  It was really cool to see what it looks like when it’s done – going from simple sketches, to the actual cartoon work.

Find him here:




Today I interviewed Jeanine Pham, a second year and bio major here at CSULB.  Her goal is to go to nesting school for her graduate program.  She is from Garden Grove but ahe attended Cypress High School.  Her hobbies including cooking, baking, and reading. She chose long beach because it was close by and affordable. She also really likes long beach because she made good friends here. Her definition of art is a bit different now because she did not see social media as a form of art.  She understands art better now because of the artist conversations. 

You can find her at: https:// jeaninepham.wordpress.com



This week I interviewed Christopher Linquata at his gallery called “Sacred and Profane” in Max L. Gatov Gallery West.  He is thirty-eight years old and attended CSU Northridge where he later took years off to teach.  In the master’s program, he worked with other painters; here he found inspiration.  He first began doing artwork with comic books – he would reference the work and recreate the images.

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The materials used in his work is acrylic paint and the reason why he used this type of paint is because it dries faster than oil.  He paints two paintings at a time for about eighteen hours a day and each painting takes about ten hours to dry.  The larger pieces took around four months to create.  His paintings in this exhibit all come from one area – usually a majority comes from certain areas in Long Beach.

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His inspiration for his artwork come from early Renaissance painting and street art.  He references certain artists with space, color, and light.  First he takes his sketchbook with him to draw what he experiences throughout the city with a bystanders sensibility and the with the use of historical art references to create a carefully orchestrated composition.

I enjoy his perspective on the areas in which one see everyday.  He takes creates his own perspective of the areas we normally see and it helps us visualize how he see things.  I really enjoyed the color tones he used for his art work.

You can find him on his instagram: @icon5350

WK12 – CLASSMATE CONVERSATION – Jennifer Rodriguez

Jennifer Rodriguez is currently a senior at CSULB.  She is 23 years old and is majoring in child development and family life education.  Jen used to go to Dominguez Highschool in Compton but she currently resides in Long Beach and commutes.  Her siblings consist of a little sister and brother.  Her favorite color is blue and she – like me – will eat anything.  She is in CJSA – Crimal Justice Student Association; they often go to the shooting range.  Jen is able to speak Spanish and a little French.  The color that calms her and the color that activates her would be blue and red respectively.



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Today I interviewed Kathy Yoon, a twenty-seven year old artist who majors in ceramics.  She has spent three years in this department but before this her original major was math.  As a child she liked drawing and the only thing close to what she does now was her playing with playdoh.  It wasn’t until she went to college that she was introduced to ceramics.  Kathy really loves Tim Burton and the animation and illustration he uses to create those characters.  Before creating all of this she was working with animal forms and realism but it didn’t work out the way she wanted to with her feelings.

12233236_1118293671537284_1791986603_n 12226891_1118293688203949_378310618_n 12226386_1118293681537283_1510706961_n 12212540_1118293674870617_1486308351_n

The materials used for her gallery are made up of clay.  All of them are built in “coils” which are long strips of clay where all the pieces are hollow.  Each piece took an average of two to three weeks individually from start to finish.  She choose white because she wanted to concentratte on the highlights of each piece.


All of the characters are a representation of her and how she feels.  It is the “So Many Me’s” work that expresses her moments in life and her experiences.  A couple of them are also inspired by people around and close to her.  Her message to the audience was that she “wanted to convey her feelings and personality through them and if people could relate then it’d be an accomplishment.”  Her favorite piece would have to be the character holding the heart balloon.


I have never ever closely related myself to anyone’s exhibit as much as I have to this one.  I was awed and amazed at how similar both the artist and myself were feeling.  The pieces she had created were exactly the emotions and problems I am currently facing now.  Within her art I saw myself and sadness and understanding genuinely rushed over me.  Other people, like my friend, just saw cute little characters.  But to me I saw a reflection of myself and the artist.  It really did speak to me.

You can find her on instagram: @kathycyoon


For this week activity we were supposed to make some type of “hanging” art so I decided to make a dream catcher like piece.

First the materials. Some thick colored thread and bracelet like pieces.


Then the process or wrapping around each color until the whole bracelet was filled.  I then moved on to crossing different colored thread back and forth to make that dream catcher like effect.

 It turned out not too bad but not horrible either. I’m not really the crafty type so I was actually proud of myself.  Getting these materials were kinda pricey though.  I think i’ll stick to drawing.


Jenna Lee is currently a sophomore at CSULB and majors in Business Accounting so she could one day become a Certified Public Accountant.  She lives at home back in Cerritos and commutes to school with her 2014 Toyota Corola.  Right by her home is her old Highschool, Garr Hughschool in Cerritos.  Her hobbies include hiking, going to the beach, geocaching, and going to baseball games.  Her job right now is working at a hair salon called Salon M.  To her, tattoos are a form of expression but just on body.  It is the physical attribute to your personality but tattoo artists can express themselves as well. They want people to be happy with their decisions and want their tattoo to have meaning.  For her, she would want map coordinates – which shows a significant place towards her grandparents cemetery.

Find her at: jjennalee.wordpress.com



What I found: https://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=GC666JP&title=tiny-but-cute&guid=cd06356b-c557-4c4c-a3dc-46194ddcd548

Inside is a pin with an angel on it and a small bow made out of ribbon and a paper for the “log book.” I found it at a park in Cerritos near the pond.

What I Placed:  https://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=GC663P2&title=somewhere-in-greenbelt-d&guid=57d31b7a-2ad8-40d1-aaa5-d7f23888ee4a

 I hid my tin in the greenbelt around 7th and Bennett. Inside is a little toy and a ring as well as a yugioh card sleeve


I didn’t like this activity. Working with the coordinates and placement and stuff was tedious and confusing. I also don’t have 4g so finding things using locations is really hard with no wifi around. Finding things and placing the right coordinates are hard.