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Today I interviewed Kathy Yoon, a twenty-seven year old artist who majors in ceramics.  She has spent three years in this department but before this her original major was math.  As a child she liked drawing and the only thing close to what she does now was her playing with playdoh.  It wasn’t until she went to college that she was introduced to ceramics.  Kathy really loves Tim Burton and the animation and illustration he uses to create those characters.  Before creating all of this she was working with animal forms and realism but it didn’t work out the way she wanted to with her feelings.

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The materials used for her gallery are made up of clay.  All of them are built in “coils” which are long strips of clay where all the pieces are hollow.  Each piece took an average of two to three weeks individually from start to finish.  She choose white because she wanted to concentratte on the highlights of each piece.


All of the characters are a representation of her and how she feels.  It is the “So Many Me’s” work that expresses her moments in life and her experiences.  A couple of them are also inspired by people around and close to her.  Her message to the audience was that she “wanted to convey her feelings and personality through them and if people could relate then it’d be an accomplishment.”  Her favorite piece would have to be the character holding the heart balloon.


I have never ever closely related myself to anyone’s exhibit as much as I have to this one.  I was awed and amazed at how similar both the artist and myself were feeling.  The pieces she had created were exactly the emotions and problems I am currently facing now.  Within her art I saw myself and sadness and understanding genuinely rushed over me.  Other people, like my friend, just saw cute little characters.  But to me I saw a reflection of myself and the artist.  It really did speak to me.

You can find her on instagram: @kathycyoon


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