This week I interviewed Christopher Linquata at his gallery called “Sacred and Profane” in Max L. Gatov Gallery West.  He is thirty-eight years old and attended CSU Northridge where he later took years off to teach.  In the master’s program, he worked with other painters; here he found inspiration.  He first began doing artwork with comic books – he would reference the work and recreate the images.

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The materials used in his work is acrylic paint and the reason why he used this type of paint is because it dries faster than oil.  He paints two paintings at a time for about eighteen hours a day and each painting takes about ten hours to dry.  The larger pieces took around four months to create.  His paintings in this exhibit all come from one area – usually a majority comes from certain areas in Long Beach.

12165949_1108084792558172_1592656348_n 12166311_1108084775891507_1413359571_n12165730_1108084799224838_1565007713_n

His inspiration for his artwork come from early Renaissance painting and street art.  He references certain artists with space, color, and light.  First he takes his sketchbook with him to draw what he experiences throughout the city with a bystanders sensibility and the with the use of historical art references to create a carefully orchestrated composition.

I enjoy his perspective on the areas in which one see everyday.  He takes creates his own perspective of the areas we normally see and it helps us visualize how he see things.  I really enjoyed the color tones he used for his art work.

You can find him on his instagram: @icon5350


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