This week I interviewed animator/illustrator Tyler Turett.  He started at a community college then transferred to CSULB three years ago.  Now he is currently in his last semester as a student majoring in film and his main focus is the animation route.  As a kid love old Nickelodeon cartoons but his favorite cartoon right now is Rick and Mortey.

It is a film medium – but an art major.  The process of creating his work starts with paper or “Disney style” where hundreds sheet of paper are drawn out.  He start with these rough drawings, character designs, mess around with different shapes and sizes, then cleans them up.  What’s cool is only he draws a character once then just creates different facial expression to get what he wants to animate; cleaning, after affects, create skeletal and joints to “move around” in animation.  It goes frame by frame and they are basically like puppets.

To him it is fun because he is creating his own stories, while not necessarily animating it but he works – edit scenes, put sounds in, etc.  His work is inspired by Disney movies (seeing those as a kid – it’s amazing); the hype of that style and cool to aim at that “even though [his work] is not to close. [to the Disney style]”.  His animations are also inspired by films he like, films he thinks are fun, and new animation that comes out.  It’s hard to decide with animation or illustration, but he says he would choose animation because you could pick sound and make them move and even mess around with their personalities.

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I went into another room and was lucky enough to land on his animations showing on screen.  It was really cool to see what it looks like when it’s done – going from simple sketches, to the actual cartoon work.

Find him here:



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