WK14 – ARTIST CONVERSATION – Lourdes Martinez


Lourdes Martinzes never knew what she wanted to do.  She didn’t start liking art until her last year of high school.  Once she hit college, she basically used it to get into CSULB and she didn’t exactly have the intention of keeping it.  But everything changed because she actually started loving her major.12336267_1130148457018472_1193807874_n

Hers is the glass piece that “shows everyone and everything.”  In 1978 NASA made a project to get space crafts to shoot out far into space.  In these crafts were golden discs with pictures and sounds, as well as different languages and maps for people out there if there were other life forms in space besides us.  It was a picture of earth and within this glass like picture is a tiny white spec which is us.  This is a picture of earth 66 billion kilometers away; earth from that distance.  If we were alive in 1990 were on those squares.

It’s earth from that time zoomed all the way out and it’s technically a picture.  Her interests in this represents items that “don’t even show anything or see anything anymore” and that facinates her.  It is the “greatest selfie ever made” and her interest in the concept of space shows this.  The same space and science – the image making how to record things in picture and sound – just looking at them.

To me it shows her perspective with technology and how it can show us outside and back of almost anything.  We need to look at the bigger picture I think and see how small we really are.




WK14 – CLASSROOM CONVERSATION – Leslie Jovel and Alicia Jones


Leslie Jovel is a 2nd year Psych major who likes music and art. Her hobbies include going to museums, watching Netflix, and swimming. She went to Wilson high school in Long Beach. During Winter Break, she will be going to El Salvador to visit her grandma. To her, art has made the biggest impact on her life through music because it reflects every emotion and it comforts her.
Alicia Jones is also a 2nd year student at CSULB. She majors in film and wants to work on film editing. Not only is she a cheer leader but she coaches cheer to high school students as well. She is originally from LA and she went to Gahr High School in Cerritos. Her favorite color is purple. Over winter break, Alicia plans on spending time with her family and eating a lot, and watching Netflix.